Friday, December 10, 2010

December 2010
Well, I guess I need to update this thing, or just stop all together. Daniel is doing great, he started a new school back in August, so that I could start back to work part-time. We decided to hold off on sending Daniel to Kindergarten this year, and I believe it was the best decision. He is really thriving at his new school, and he loves his teachers and new friends (even though he continues to tell us that he misses his old friends and teachers). His teachers really enjoy having him around, and they all tell me, "He is such a great helper". I love hearing stuff like that.
We are gearing up to Christmas, still have no shopping done yet, and we have not taken Daniel to see Santa Claus yet, so I hope that Hermy the Elf, has been paying attention to what Daniel is telling him he wants for Christmas.

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