Sunday, June 10, 2007

All about Daniel

I know that some of you have been wondering about Daniel. So here is a few things that you might like to know.

Daniel likes to do things himself. He would rather feed himself, but it would take an hour to get a spoonfull down. So, we usually struggle with him so he willeat more. He is shy around new people, but some people here somehow make a connection with him and he is not so shy around them. When he is in "shy mode", he puts his hands in front of his face and rubs his eyes over and over sneaking a peak through his fingers. He is also laughing more and more now.

Well, he is a very picky boy when it comes to food (actually just like his Mom). There are some things here that we have found, that he likes really well, then there are some foods that he absolutely will have nothing to do with. He will just shake is head away from the food. We have found out that he absolutley loves yogurt though. He seems to really like the Strawberry, Orange and Banana. He likes a local brand of baby food that is tomatoe based sauce with ham, noodles and vegetables.

We found out last night that he likes wheat bread dipped in ketchup. We also found out that he does not like french fries. It has been like an act of congress to find some food that he will eat. At one of the restuarants, someone in our group ordered some type of soup, and he just could not get enough. But I can say, that when he is done, you know it.

Daniel does not like to have his clothes changed, just like his diaper (unless it is a messing one).

We have to struggle just a little to get his clothes on him. The day we got him from the orphange he had on a pair of little sandles. We can not tell what size they are, but he really likes to wear them even though they may be a little big.

He is wearng size 18 month clothes. We have also been putting some 24 month clothes on him, to see if the bigger size helps give a little air circulation of some sort, to keep him from getting so hot.

He pretty much likes small toys. He loves the little cars we got him. We brought 2 books with us, and he seems to like the Animal Tales book the best. We also got him to watch most of a Baby Einstein dvd. He was just watching the screen, he seemed to enjoy it, but I can tell you, it definitely calmed him down so much it put him to sleep. His favorite toy so far has been an empty box.

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LoveMyStarr said...

Hi! This is Shawna (Matt's wife), and he just sent me the link to your blog today! I am so happy for you guys! I read the entire blog and cried through a lot of it! Daniel seems to like a lot of things that Lianna likes. But she's not picky whatsoever with food. I hope you get back safely! And maybe Daniel and Lianna could have a play date:)