Sunday, June 10, 2007

Welcome to Hanoi

We arrived in Hanoi around 4:00pm on Sunday afternoon here. By the time we got settled in the room at the hotel it was after 6:00. We were all tired and hungry, so we just ordered some room service and then just layed around for just a little while then went to bed. We had to get up fairly early this morning to go and check on our plane tickets. We had been on a wait list and we were told they did not know when we could get our flight out. When we got to the Cathay Pacific office this morning (Monday) we worked with the reservation attendant, we will be leaving Hanoi on Wednesday night at 7:10 and we will be home around 8:40am on Thursday morning. We are excited to be coming home, but it has been a very nice trip except for the heat and humidity.
Hanoi is quite a bit different than Ho Chi Minh City. I can not quite put my finger on it, but the atmosphere around here is different. It is not as hot either.

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